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Vaam Solution are doing great to work with, they are very friendly and display excellent communication and client facing skills, excellent programming skills and a very fast learner and worker. they had a project done in around very quickly which usually takes our other prgrammers double time to finish and this was his first time so we were very impressed. I look forward to working with him again...
Kevin, Ireland

"Good programmers, quick and responsable! Friendly and easy to talk with and plenty of experience. I'll trust him for any job!"..
Robert Burr, United States

Perfect and man was we fast!! Easy to communicate with. AWESOME AWESOME!!..
Infosmiths, United States

Very professional response and work. I can recommend those guys, we are very quick and do quality work...
Gary, JHB, South Africa

When we said fast, we weren't kidding. Excellent to work with, gives out great communication, and fixed the SQL Injection problem we are having. I will be using VAAM from here on for all our programming needs...
Russ, United States

Good programmers, quick and responsable! Friendly and easy to talk with and plenty of experience. I'll trust him for any job!..
Kaisersp,Barcelona, Spain

VAAM Solution have highly skilled programmers. they finished my project very swift and with care. if you have any asp projects VAAM Solution is your programmers...

Perfect Job. The project is done for the 100% satisfaction! Good timing and quality. Highly recommended developers. Hired immediately for the next project. ..
Victor, United States

Like the rest of his reviews, this one too is a 10! Got the work done quickly, asked good questions, understood my limitations and got the job done. Will definitely use him again!..
Eldon ,Canada

Excellent. Understood project fully and fulfilled it quickly...
Ben, Jerusalem, Israel

Did an excellent job. always conducts communication and working ability in a professional manner. highly recommended programmer. will use again in the future...
Anthony, United States

UPS Shipping Integration

UPS is well know US shipping company and they provide shipping service all over the world. UPS provide the different type API services and we intergate all type API services.

We do the following UPS API integration.

  • UPS Tracking - For a given UPS tracking or reference number, this tool identifies the package(s) and provides detailed information about each package, including the current shipping status and the time and location of each scan while in transit.
  • UPS Rates & Service Selection - The UPS Rates & Service Selection tool returns rates for available UPS domestic and international services, and provides UPS published shipping rates.
  • UPS Time in Transit - Let your customers compare the speed of different UPS shipping services to everywhere UPS delivers around the world.
  • UPS U.S. Address Validation - This tool validates that an input city, state and postcode are correct for addresses in United States. If an error is detected, a list of up to 10 valid city-state-postcode combinations that closely match the input are returned.
  • UPS Signature Tracking - This tool is for companies that want to reduce the time needed to confirm that goods are received before issuing an invoice. UPS OnLine Signature Tracking lets you confirm delivery by viewing a digital signature of the authorised recipient in real time.
  • UPS Shipping - This tool offers you and your employees self-service shipping 24/7. Designed especially for customers wanting a custom shipping application, this tool enables businesses to monitor their shipping activities and elevate customer service while lowering overall operational costs.
  • UPS TradeAbilityTM Web Services - Manage the movement of international goods in a timely, efficient and compliant manner. You can screen for denied parties, check import compliance, estimate landed cost and detect export licenses.

We had already integrated UPS API in many websites.